kickass Australian rock with killer vocals” - Steve Price

— ARfm Radio


Australia’s Wicked Smile are all about bringing back fist pumping heavy rock to the forefront. The boys released one of the albums of the year in 2021; a collection of ten ‘killer songs’, produced by Paul Laine (The Defiants) and mastered by Bruno Ravel (The Defiants/Danger Danger).  

Guitarist Stevie Janevski goes on to say, “we’re a five-piece kick ass heavy rock band and I think we made our presence known with the release of our debut album Wait For The Night". 

Wicked Smile is fronted by charismatic powerhouse lead vocalist Danny Cecati (ex Pegazus & Eyefear) with Stevie Janevski (ex Black Majesty & Cyclone Tracy) & Dave Graham (EX In Malice's Wake) on guitars & Tom Nugara (Envenomed) on bass. AlEx Rogowski will play drums on the band's upcoming U.K. Nov./Dec. 2023 Tour.

Lyrically, ‘Wait for the Night’ explores current issues within society such as civil unrest, bullying and mental health. Songs like We Fall, Sign Of Times, Daze Of Delirium, Stronger, Last Goodbye & Don’t Wait For Me are all thought provoking and not the cliché lyrics that you’d expect for this style of heavy rock. 

Wicked Smile has been overwhelmed by the positive response from the underground rock and metal community. Steve Price at ARfm radio called the band “kickass Australian rock with killer vocals”. 

Fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio and Skid Row should feel at home, with the band drawing major influence from seventies and eighties heavy rock and heavy metal. 

The boys released a new ep titled 'Night Time Riders' and toured the United Kingdom (for the second time in one year) with dates in November and December 2023, where they performed at renowned festivals such as Winter Storm & Planet Rockstock.  (see 'shows' page for details). 

There's no rest for the wicked with the boys locked in to perform at Australia's Glam Fest in Melbourne, Churches Of Steel Fest in Adelaide & Melted Fest in Geelong in February 2024.


Yep, these boys are the 'real deal'.


Wait For The Night CD

(L - R) Stevie Janevski (guitar), Danny Cecati (lead vocals), Tom Nugara (bass) & Dave Graham (guitar)

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